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7 Reasons why Wellness Professionals Should Start Blogging

Author: Hiba Beydoun
August 13, 2019,   880
7 Reasons why Wellness Professionals Should Start Blogging

There are so many benefits to blogging, especially for fitness and wellness professionals. I am not referring to starting a blog which is beneficial in itself, the 7 reasons discussed in this specific blog are more relevant to guest blogging, i.e publishing articles in wellness blogs as a contributing author.  

1. Grow your network

Blogging is an amazing way to grow your network! When you start publishing with various publications online, you are exposing your name and expertise to a wide range of networks. Even though many publishing blogs do not allow for straight up marketing, it is essential to guarantee and ensure that your name is clearly stated and visible. Bonus points for linking your name to a profile page that has contact details.


2. An outlet to deal with disagreements or misconceptions

Many people have preconceived notions about your profession or about something specific, blogging is an amazing outlet to address these misconceptions. For example, many people think that “we can target weight loss to specific areas of the body.” If you disagree, blogging about it in an easy to understand and relevant context is beneficial to you (the author) and to the reader. Your article will become a quick reference to send people to this topic rather than having to debate the matter every time you see it online.

Another great outlet is when find that you disagree with a fellow wellness professional about a particular issue, blogging about it gives you the freedom to tackle it in a constructive manner– be sure to prove your theory over theirs.

Blogging etiquette: avoid naming and shaming, only state facts about the issue not the person.


3. Advertise your talent

Here is the thing, you can’t really advertise your service straight-up, it’s not the right way to win over people. When you give readers valuable content, something to think about, or a total mind-blow, that is when you’re noticed. Honestly, which topic do you think readers will most likely click on: “4 ways to lose that stubborn fat” or “Hire me to help you lose that stubborn fat”? Let’s face it, I would probably go for the first one, some free advice and guidance along with an “I can help you get there” call-to-action will get you more conversion than straight up advertising your service.


4. Share your expert knowledge

Many wellness professionals feel that the knowledge they have is privileged and should be paid for, which is very understandable and reasonable. My counter argument here is that sitting on all this knowledge will do you no good if people and potential clients can’t relate to you. Writing articles and blogging exposes you and humanizes you in their eyes, you become more relevant because you actually hit a nerve and now, they will seek you out to heal them. It’s not always about the immediate monetary benefit, you should weigh-in the longer benefit to yourself as a “brand”.

TIP: Your ability to simplify complicated information and reduce the jargon plays a big role in relatability with your audience


5. Establish your Authority

The wellness industry is becoming congested with certified as well as non-certified wellness professionals. Blogging as a certified expert makes you stand out from the crowd. It enhances your professional presence and it acts as your business portfolio. It also gives you an edge over your peers who are more passive in the community.


6. Learn new skills

The wellness and fitness industry is ever growing and evolving and any and every topic you wish to address will require some research on your end, which will likely enlighten you to the latest trends in the industry. You may get requests to address certain topics that require further investigation. It’s an amazing and evolving way to add to your knowledge.


7. ‚ÄčBecome an influence in the community

All the above reasons are prime pillars to becoming an expert influencer. However, it will all depend entirely on the quality of your content, your credibility as an author, your relatability to your audience, and your authenticity as a “brand”.


So go out there and blog your heart out xx

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