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7 Ways to Stand-Out Online as a Personal Trainer

Author: Hiba Beydoun
August 31, 2019,   908
7 Ways to Stand-Out Online as a Personal Trainer

Do you know how many Fitness Trainers are out there?  A LOT, online, offline, anywhere and everywhere. So no pressure there. You’ve got to up your game, and in this blog, I am giving you a few marketing tips that will help you up your game online.


1. If you’re not loving it, then quit and find your passion

If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing and not passionate about it, it will reflect on your work and attitude with clients and the content you develop. Clients WILL feel your vibe and will choose not to work with you again or follow you on social media. So if your not having fun, my advice is get out and do something you love.


2. Be Selective

Be selective in your approach; find your niche, what makes you sought-after. Do this exercise: Write down the names of your top 5 ideal Fitness Trainers, go to their Instagram account and simply ask yourself how each of the 5 is different than the other. what is the 1 thing that draws you to them or their content? You will see clearly that they are in fact different, and THAT’S what you need to do – be selective and find your niche.


  1. By specializing with specific audience (mums, teens, bodybuilder, dads, grandparents, women, men, etc.)
  2. By having specific content focus (form, bikini body, or weight loss, focusing on specific body area)
  3. By motivating followers through your personal journey and story

​You can pick one technique or combine some two or all tree to be more niche 


 Kayla Itsines is a fitness trainer focusing on a female audience and further specializing in Bikini Body. While she is promoting her program, her content has a lot of free tip’s, advice, how-to’s which builds value and trust with her followers. 



 Squat_University his content is gold, valuable, informative and insightful and completely focused on Squats with all its styles for all shapes, sizes, ages, and genders.




 School of calisthenics their content is all about calisthenics and techniques. If you notice their feed offers free tips and advice without hammering down on selling their programs.



 Achieve fitness Boston one of my favorite couple with amazing fun to watch content. They actually own a gym in Summerville but they are also on a mission to bring inclusively and positive vibes to the fitness space. Again, their content is focused on correct form with plenty of examples without hammering down on selling their membership or programs.



 Jtm_Fit Jay's content is about promoting his program through telling his story to inspiring others though his personal journey




3. Blog About it

I’ve written an article about the importance of blogging for Wellness professionals, check it out 7 Reasons why Wellness Professionals Should Start Guest Blogging.


4. Social Media Behavior 

Be present constantly with something valuable to say. Tell your story unapologetically and emotionally. Use all social media platforms and be sure to tailor your message to that audience in that specific platform. For example, if you are on LinkedIn make sure your posts contain relevant content to help those who have office work & desk duty like “how to stretch at your desk” or the “how often you need to take a break at work” Be mindful of what you post and where yoou post it.


You can use Hootsuits to manage your account and all your content



5. Share Free Content

When people find value in your content, they will find value in hiring you.

some people struggle to do this thinking they should get paid for all the knowledge they have and if they give it away for free then who would come paying. I totally get it, but let me tell you something, if no one can see how talented, knowledgeable, capable and relatable you are then its highly unlikely for them to pay you blindly. If your account is full of hot pictures without valuable content, then your chances are very slim. Show your followers what you can do for them, the results you can achieve via true stories, helpful tips, and guides that they can use so they can come back for more and for tailored plans based on their needs.


6. Give away freebies

Alright, who doesn’t love freebies? Ask your audience to do something in exchange for a chance to win something. For exaple, you can ask them to like & tag a friend or share a post or use a certain Hashtag (that you can follow).

Be sure that whatever you ask them to do serves your need & staratgy, for example to grow your following ask them to tag friends; if you want more website visits, the ask them to sign up, and so on.

The freebie doesn’t have to be something major and should be relevant to your business. For example, a free 30 or 60 min 1-on-1 in person session with you, or free online 1-on-1 session Q&A via DM, or if you are an affiliate of a Gym or supplement brand, it can be gifts from them.


7. Engage with your Audience

Engage with your followers by using the Story Features on Instagram and Facebook (Q&A sessions, Polls, Quiz’s, etc.) Followers love the fact that they can interact with you and that you will respond to them. And make sure that you actually respond via DM or re-share or likes. 

Your followers will guide you on what content you should write if you simply ask them.


There are so many ways to stand out online and offline, but the greatest advice of all is pretty much the same advice you give your clients - you have to be willing to do the work and be consistent about it.

Reach out to me on Instagram if you want me to help you enhance your online presence @hiba_beydoun