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Beta Launch of First-Ever Global Social Networking and Recruitment Platform Dedicated to The Wellness and Fitness Community

July 29, 2019,   129
Beta Launch of First-Ever Global Social Networking and Recruitment Platform Dedicated to The Wellness and Fitness Community


With a $4.2 trillion wellness economy that is ever growing annually, 80/20 Community is committed to serve the industry’s’ networking and recruitment needs

(80/20 Community – July 29th)  The first-ever global social networking and recruitment platform dedicated exclusively to the health, fitness and wellness profession launched in beta test mode this week, filling a gaping void for an industry that is worth $4.2 trillion in annual expenditure, one of the world’s largest and fasted growing economies. 80/20 Community seeks to unite fitness and wellness professionals with business owners and individuals seeking their expertise. It offers a place for the community to connect with one another to share ideas, explore collaborations and create opportunities.


The website allows companies to post jobs and search for the right candidates while offering professionals and job seekers a place to feature their skills visually and share their expertise. 80/20 Community has free and paid membership packages. During the beta launch, early subscribers will receive a free three-months upgrade to its premium subscription which include added functions like blogging, direct messaging to potential employers or clients outside their network or adding multiple job listings.

The platform’s name reflects what the founder believes represents the “golden ratio” of a physically healthy and balanced lifestyle: 80 percent dedicated to nutrition and 20 percent focused on physical activity.

Hiba Beydoun is the CEO and brains behind 80/20 Community. She brings a decade of international business and marketing expertise to the table with companies of all sizes from start-ups to a Fortune 500 organization. She holds her under graduate degree in mass communication, executive master of business administration and has executive training in leadership and management from elite institutions that include American University of Sharjah, London Business School and Sloan MIT, respectively.

From her personal experience with weight loss and fitness journey across Europe, American and Middle East, Beydoun realized the difficulty that the fitness and wellness institutions and retreats around the world are facing in finding the right talent with the desired skillset. Similarly, the wellness professional’s struggle in trying to find jobs in this highly competitive industry. “I wanted to give all of those in this rapidly expanding wellness economy the place they need and deserve to find the best employees or employers and collaborate to create opportunities.” said Beydoun.

According to Beydoun, there are many under-represented professions in the industry that do not have a platform to turn to for job hunting and networking. 80/20 Community embraces those in traditional hands-on and management-related fitness and wellness roles as well as those in less expected occupations - such as diving, surfing and watersport instructors; skydiving and plane jumping certified trainers; chefs; certifies massage therapists, holistic and alternative medical practitioners and fitness influencers and fitness models. 


About 80/20 Community:

80/20 Community provides the wellness industry’s first global social networking & recruitment platform that is designed to quickly and directly publish job postings and help create profiles that act as an extensive and visually appealing resume. 80/20 Community L.T.D is a privately held company headquartered and registered in Abu Dhabi Global Market in the United Arab Emirate, serving the global needs of the wellness industry. Visit or @8020community on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more information.